Custom Application Development

What is it?
The Software Product Development practice at Euclid is designed to build quality software systems that are efficient and cost effective. Euclid’s consultants carry expertise in a wide range of technologies from Java to .NET, thin client, thick client and mobile. We help clients deliver the products they desire, focusing on open and robust architectures, thoughtful and efficient design, and top quality development and deployment.

Why Is it Important?
Custom software development is about building the business services you cannot buy and providing your organization with a competitive edge. Whether the system is a client-facing or an internal business process optimization service, custom software allows you to do business faster, at higher volumes, with less errors.

Most of the custom software development projects fail; go over budget & time or don’t meet the intended scope. More so the features built into the successful projects are either rarely or never used. That’s a lot of wasted time and money. Euclid’s approach ensures that your project doesn’t become another statistic.

How We Can Help
The combination of our disciplined engineering, agile methodology and collaborative approach, ensures the right features are developed first, with high quality and within the assigned timeframe.

From an engineering perspective, Euclid helps you make the most out of your middleware platforms. Our deep experience developing on Java and Microsoft platforms is complimented by our intimate understanding of those platform’s capabilities, as demonstrated by our Middleware Implementation practice. We combine this expertise with 10 years of hardened Java EE and .NET enterprise frameworks, so we don’t spend time “plumbing” and instead spend time building for real business value.

We at Euclid visualize project work in a method, what is sometimes called the project triangle or triangle of triple constraints. The primary goal of tracking scope, cost, and time throughout the development process is to facilitate the early detection of problem activities that are running over budget or falling behind scheduled progress. Project managers at Euclid uses integrated suite of project management tools so that the project’s scope, cost, and time are in sync and the work in place is accurately reflected in the project control system. Our methodology makes the business stakeholders part of the software development process. Not just for their signatures, but for their constant feedback as the product develops.