Mobile Application Development

What is it?

Enterprise mobile application development is about extending enterprise users’ mobile capabilities beyond simple email, calendaring and contact sharing. It’s about exposing new and existing IT capabilities to customers and employees through the mobile channel. This can manifest itself as mobile CRM functions, account management functions, retail functions, supply chain functions and countless others. These possibilities, coupled with the recent usability leaps in smartphone technology are causing mobile devices to be users’ preferred way of interacting with the enterprise.

Why Is it Important?

In the last few years, smartphone’s capabilities have finally caught up to some big ideas. Capabilities such as real-time access to information in the enterprise, information presented contextually based on your location, augmented reality and other emerging capabilities are making mobile the preferred method for enterprise information exchange and management. While the mobile device used to be considered users’ “third screen”, it is rapidly becoming people’s “first”.

How We Can Help

Euclid is a pioneer in the mobile application development space, with application development expertise spanning across the mobile web and the following mobile application development platforms.

Apple iPhone/iPad (iOS)

RIM BlackBerry

Google Android

Microsoft Windows Mobile

The Cross Platform Mobile Web


Euclid brings the expertise to build mobile apps that are secure, fast, contextual, and easy to use. For every mobile engagement, Euclid starts by working with the product owners to understand the goals of their mobile users, and educating them on the capabilities of the devices. We then work with internal IT to determine what existing distributed technology services exist. Euclid brings this information together to design a solution that leverages existing services while providing a gratifying mobile-specific view into an enterprise.

Euclid Can Help You With:

  1. Enterprise Mobile Strategy
  2. Shared Mobile Enterprise Services (Security, Agent Detection, Content Transformation)
  3. Mobile UX/Design
  4. Mobile Development
  5. Mobile Application Integration with Existing Enterprise Services
  6. Mobile Enterprise Change Management