Agile Transformation

What is it

To Simplify, our Agile Transformation Services enable your organization to produce high quality, releasable product sooner with more efficiency. We do this by enabling your transition to Agile, a set of principles and practices that focus on iterative, incremental product development to produce releasable product every 2-4 weeks. Agile is all about communication, transparency, ensuring that continually  the highest priority business features are developed first.

Why Is it Important?

‘The ability to adapt to change’. This is what Euclid’s Agile Transformation Services is all about. We all readily accept the old adage “the only constant is change,” but when it comes to business processes, traditional methods tend to ignore that fact. With today’s pressures of tight business competition, rapidly advancing technology and a challenging economic landscape, you need to be able to produce a rapid ROI and adjust quickly to a fluid marketplace. This is where Agile truly shines.

How We Can Help

Our Project Managers take a holistic view of a company’s business processes and technology stack and come up with them a solution that’s architected to be flexible and cost effective and one that could be implemented quickly. To be extremely productive we recommend combining of Cloud + SOA + Agile.

At Euclid, Agile is more than “the hot thing” — it’s the way we work. We utilize Agile in our development projects, as well as our internal office initiatives. Transitioning to Agile is changing the mindset of the developers, Euclid consultants know this and hence our experienced team will help train your organization from the bottom up, helping you navigate that challenging path to transform your organization

We have a proven 4 step process to

1. Identify: Analyze your current technology initiatives and identify the right project for Agile, based on impact  timelines and other risk factors.

2. Training: Euclid will then provide training to the development team. Training will be catered to adapt to the unique culture of the team/organization.

3. Leadership: We will then provide a “Scrum Master” on the ground with your team to give them hands-on advice through the process.

4. Measure: We are committed to your success, and hence will help you measure the benefits on this transition.