What is it?

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resource. The central concept here is one of helping to drive up infrastructure value and lower total cost of ownership by increasing resource usage across a virtualized pool of resources. Simply put, to drive up infrastructure usage, you either consolidate workload on fewer resources or you increase the amount of work your existing infrastructure is doing.

Why Is it important?

Some of the key benefits

  • Reduced Cost for growing companies.
  • 40-50% improvement in utilization, depending on existing infrastructure.
  • Reduced Risk and Capital Investments
  • Eradicates the prospect for catastrophic collapses.
  • Extends the SOA value proposition.

How We Can Help

Euclid can help you develop an infrastructure virtualization strategy that best suits your organization’s appetite for innovation. We can help you create an infrastructure playbook that will provide you with a plan to virtualize the right components of your legacy environment.

  • Roadmap – Euclid will assess your entire infrastructure footprint and help you determine what makes sense to virtualize and in what order based on the needs of your organization and goals. Demonstrate upfront how virtualization will reduce IT costs, thus providing a justification for conservative CIOs.
  • Assessment – We will help you find the right virtualization product.
  • Execution – Once we’ve developed a road map and performed a vendor assessment, we help our clients determine the best implementation strategy.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance- we help our clients implement a monitoring system that will arm your support team with information at their fingertips. We also help you develop a proactive maintenance strategy that encompasses both hardware and software to ensure that your infrastructure is well maintained.