Below are just a few of the other unique reasons why you should really consider being a part of us.

  • Client Appreciations: We additionally appreciate those employees within Euclid too, whom the client has appreciated for their great work.
  • Open Door Management Team: Euclid believes in an Open-Door Management Policy. You can reach out to anybody in the leadership team for any queries or issues that you may have anytime.
  • Salary Structure: We have some very tax friendly components to help you save your hard-earned money, which is also in line with Income Tax rules, and many organizations do not give this benefit to their employees.
  • Employee Friendly Work Culture: Everybody from the HR Team to the Leadership Team are all your buddies to be able to reach out any time of need.
  • Accelerated Accrual of Leaves: Employees on client location have the option of accelerating their leave accruals thus enabling them to earn additional leaves.
  • Health Care benefits: Medical Issues we understand are major burners of our hard-earned money which cannot be avoided in cases of any emergencies. At Euclid, all employees are covered by Accidental Insurance and also Health Insurance along their families too to help you in your hour of need.
  • Relocation Assistance: If you have to relocate to join Euclid it’s absolutely not an issue. You can use our relocation benefits up to Rs. 30,000 apart from an initial stay at our guest houses or hotels we are tied up with for up to 15 days.
  • Onsite Opportunities: We have many our Star performers currently on H1B’s.


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