Modern Slavery Policy

At Euclid Innovations, we take pride in supporting our employees with extensive insurance benefits to safeguard their health and well-being. Our plans are tailored to accommodate both families and individual needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage that spans a wide array of medical, dental, and life insurance needs.

Insurance Coverage Details

For Employees with Dependents (Parents and Children)
  • Family Definition: Coverage includes employee, spouse, up to four dependent children (up to 25 years of age), and dependent parents.
  • Sum Insured: ₹2,00,000 per person, per policy period.
  • Room Rent Capping: Up to ₹3,500 for normal rooms and ₹5,000 for ICU, including nursing charges. Charges beyond these caps will require the insured to bear the additional costs proportionately.
  • Maternity Benefits: Up to ₹50,000 for both normal and C-section deliveries in metro and non-metro cities, available for the first two children.
  • Baby Day 1 Coverage: Newborns are covered from day one within the family sum insured.
  • No Disease-Wise Sub Limits: No sub limits on the amount that can be claimed for specific diseases.
For Employees without Dependent Parents
  • Family Definition: Coverage includes employee, spouse, and up to two dependent children (up to 25 years of age).
  • Sum Insured: ₹3,00,000 per family, per policy period.
  • Room Rent Capping: Up to ₹3,500 for normal rooms and ₹5,000 for ICU, inclusive of nursing charges. Excess charges are the insured’s responsibility.
  • Maternity Benefits: Identical to the parents coverage, with ₹50,000 available for normal and C-section deliveries.
  • Disease Wise Sub Limits: Specific limits apply to conditions like hydrocele, piles, hernia, and more, with different caps for metro and non-metro locations.

Downloading Your Health Insurance E-Card

Easily access your health insurance details by downloading your e-card with these steps:

  1. Access the Portal: Navigate to the Click Here – Health insurance portal.
  2. Select User Type: Choose “Corporate” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter Details: Provide your Card Number and Age.
  4. Retrieve Information: Click “Search” to view your insurance details.
  5. Download: Click on “Save PDF” to download your Health Insurance E-Card.

Keep this e-card handy on your device for convenient access during medical visits or in emergencies. For assistance or further inquiries, please contact our HR department or refer to the contacts provided in your insurance documentation.

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