Over the last 20 years, our senior leadership team has been providing services to large international banking clients. We invest in high potential and high-performance teams, advanced and futuristic technology solutions, and services that meet the demands of a real-time industry. Our technology solutions add millions of dollars in increased revenue for our esteemed clients.


Experts in building trading, sales and risk platforms for clients. Euclid has developed the systems with multi-asset capabilities covering fixed income, equities, currencies and commodities asset classes.

Computational Solutions

Euclid is experienced in building high computational engines for derivatives based on Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture for its clients. Solutions include capabilities like real-time risk, real-time scenarios and temporal/bi-temporal.

Blockchain & Cryptography

Euclid has been working on Blockchain & Cryptography for over a year developing solutions geared towards derivatives trade, post-trade & settlement processes. Euclid has developed the solutions using Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

Digital Transformation

Going digital enables the organization to create an engaging and consistent digital experience across every touchpoint and provides many new opportunities for growth. Euclid has experience in building digital solutions for banks, retail & health care.


Our DevOps assessment framework delivers strategies and solutions that help clients maximize the benefits of their DevOps investment. Team Euclid has developed solutions for pre-build, post-build, deployment, platform and production DevOps by integrating various well known tools in the process for our clients.