Streamlining Operations through Cloud

The cloud migration project enabled the banking organization to achieve its goals of improving its



Euclid is experienced in building high computational engines based on Directed Acyclic Graph architecture for its clients. Solutions also include capabilities like real-time risk, real-time scenarios and temporal/bi-temporal. Along the same lines, Euclid has built in-house customizable solution called “qGraph”.  It supports real-time pricing, risk for Interest Rate Swaps and Euro Dollar Futures. It supports integration of data from Bloomberg or other third-party data providers. As per models, it can integrate with any model that is coded in C or JAVA. The engine’s underlying architecture is based on Directed Acyclic Graph ( DAG ).

The majority of organizations are moving applications to the cloud: A survey by IDC found that 63% of organizations are migrating applications to the cloud, with the majority of these migrations being focused on business-critical applications.

How cloud migration can help your business

  • Maximizes performance of the engine by taking advantage of multi-core hardware
  • UI virtual grid framework display supports up to 200K records and is still responsive
  • End to end performance goal is efficient in getting data to compute and results to UI
  • Clean and modular design for easy integration of client models
  • Multi-Asset Support – IRS, ED Futures, FX Options, CCY Swaps, Equities & Equity Options
  • Overal portfolio optimization for aggregation per user/book/counterparty
  • Supports temporal and Bitemporals


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