Powering Shipping Operations through DevOps

DevOps approach allowed the supply chain business to manage the complexity and scale of its operations


Emerging Talents

Human Talent is the currency of business. The world of work is changing rapidly. One thing is clear: human talent matters more than ever. At Euclid, we help our clients build stronger more productive project teams. We do that by sourcing great tech talent. 

  • Not enough Engineering Skills internally
  • Sr Resources are often Hands-off
  • Team doesn’t have interest in updating
  • Consulting partners are not motivated to bring skills to your team​​
  • Hiring the qualified resources at USA-B Cities and India offices is extremely difficult even if you pay the premium
  • Lack of skills seriously hampers your delivery
  • Experience in latest and greatest is more valuable than 10+ years’ experience in outdated technologies
  • Energize the team 

We have thousands of graduates from the STEM fields each year

  • Recruiting based on aptitude and basic technological skills​
  • Provide 8 to 10 weeks training on client specified technology
  • Develop parts of applications towards that goal
  • Impart complete knowledge on the respective domains​
  • Get detailed domain training on client specified area. Ex: Risk, Post trade Reg, Trade Recon, Trade life Cycle management

Euclid Innovations has a decade long experience in delivering solutions in Capital Markets, banking and financial services area

  • In-house talent – Readily available in-house talent in UI(JS) and JAVA Full Stack with capital markets domain 
  • Accelerators –  Across the board capital markets domain will be used for training candidates.
  • Development center – That can be modified as per follow of the candidates
  •  Recruitment team – Solid recruitment team with access to a vast database of graduates

Tech Stack

  • Right Engineering Skills
  • Latest and Greatest Skills​
  • Faster Delivery Cycles​


Dedicated to delivering exceptional Skill Harvesting Solution.

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