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Digital transformation can help organizations stay competitive in an ever-changing market by enabling them to deliver a seamless


Euclid Brand Center

Access a comprehensive array of resources for marketing and publication purposes right at your fingertips. Our media kit provides everything you need, from our logo and guidelines on its usage.

Brand Logo

At the core of our brand identity lies our logo, an invaluable visual asset. Ensuring its uniform application is essential for cultivating a unified and easily recognizable brand image. Marked by simplicity, clarity, and vibrancy, our logo encapsulates the very essence of our brand.


Primary Logo

One Color in Dark Background

One Color in Light Background

Brand ICON


Do not alter the color sequence

Do not alter the shape

Do not add any effect or shadows to the logo

Do not alter the proportion

Do not alter the transparency levels

Do not create or use the outline of the logo

Brand Color

Logo Colors

Euclid Turquoise


COPY COLOR CODE | rgb(10, 179, 179)



COPY COLOR CODE | rgb(7, 7, 7)



Aa | Light

Aa | Normal

Aa | Medium

Aa | Semi Bold

Aa | Bold

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Last Updated - Nov 2023

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